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Electromechanical Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Overhaul Electric motors, transformers and electric machines BT / MT, Industrial Engineering



Nuova Sarda Elettromeccanica srl


Founded in 1976, the company has followed an evolution that has led it to expand its business from the traditional electromechanical sector of overhaul and maintenance of electric machines, generators, electric motors and electric pumps, welding and cutting systems, maintenance of switchgear and BT and MT systems up to engage in the most technologically advanced fields such as industrial maintenance, predictive maintenance and industrial engineering.

All this has been possible thanks to the commitment and the desire for innovation, but also thanks to the growing collaboration with major national and international manufacturers that have entrusted us with the technical assistance and the distribution of their technologies.

In possession of the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification, the Nuova Sarda Elettromeccanica undertakes with professionalism and competence to guarantee full customer satisfaction.


A structure equipped with three bridge cranes and a jib crane, divided into departments with personnel appropriately specialized in different sectors:


Rewinding department and revision of BT and MT electric motors

Electropumps revision department of all types and sizes

Precision mechanical machining department (also for third parties)

Maintenance department for generators, turboalternators, welders, welders and cutting plants

Department of external processing and immediate intervention

Measurement, engineering and predictive maintenance department

Technical planning office

Sales office for electric motors, generators, welding machines and spare parts.


Since 2016, with the acquisition of the historic OES Elettromeccanica structures, we have expanded the services offered, considerably increasing the availability in structural and technical terms.


The use of state-of-the-art tools and machinery, test benches for electrical, mechanical and hydraulic tests, lifting equipment and aircraft, equipped vehicles, allow our specialized teams to intervene promptly in any situation.




Predictive maintenance


From the experience gained in the repair, the predictive maintenance sector is born.

Through the use of highly reliable instruments we are able to make precise diagnoses on the state of the machine and identify the causes of any faults present or coming, as well as understand the need or not to provide for the review, allowing the customer to limit maintenance costs . All this is done on site, without the need to uninstall the machine and with the release of detailed reports and graphs.


Oil analysis Transformers on site with the use of state-of-the-art certified equipment General Electric, able to perform a check-up of the transformer in a few minutes and provide the presence of: hydrogen, water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ethylene, ethane, methane and acetylene. Fault diagnosis processing with: Key Gas, Rogers, Duval Triangle, Japan ETRA.



The advantages:


Reduction of number of stops

Reduction of revision costs

Quality assessment reviews (before / after)

Reduction of serious failures and inventory

Optimization of energy costs


Thanks to continuous training and refresher courses and a long experience, we are able to provide advice and installation, technical assistance and scheduled maintenance for a great variety of generator sets, from small transportable groups to large plants generating with paintings by automatic intervention up to the parallel of several groups, also intervening on site.

We are official technical assistance and resellers for the leading manufacturers.

We also have a large fleet of generators and engineered welders.




Some of our customers:


-       Saras SpA



-       Italcementi SpA

-       Tecnocasic

-       Forte Village

-       Timi Ama Villasimius

- Sogaer


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